"La venganza": episode 12
Elena in Valentina's body manages to enter Valerugo's house using a meeting with Felipe, her former love, who is a brother of Raquel - Valerugo's wife. She meets Adoracion, a girl that she believes can be her daughter.

Paquito and Alfredo have a fight since one discovers that he was sent to a trap, because he had to receive money which Valerugo lent to one man and then had to kill this man. They fight and fell into the swimming pool. Adoracion is seeing them fighting and shouts.Valerugo comes and sees them. Now the two were facing Valerugo's ire.

Elena is training with Brenda Lee again to learn boxing, because this night she needs to win and to support herself as an unconquerable boxer. We do not know if she manages, because she even does not remember how to fight.

Elena enters her former room to change the clothes since she dropped coffee in Valerugo's house when she went to meet Adoration. The landlady of keys of Elena's house takes Valentina to the room of "Elenita" in order she could choose some fresh clothes and could work presentable with Luis Miguel.

Mari Angel did a drawing where it is shown how Elena enters the body of Valentina, Luis Miguel manages to see this drawing .. now he begins to think in details that Elena and Valentina have a lot of similarity.

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